BlogEngine.NET Twitter Widgets Updated

by newuser09876 May 10, 2010 9:02PM

Displaying the date published in the blogger's local time has been bugging me because it's probably quite meaningless to most of the readers. A quick Google search showed a couple of ways to display relative time (i.e. ‘an hour ago’ instead of an absolute time). I picked Jeff Atwood's method for with a couple of minor modifications. The relative time is a setting which is off by default in case you liked things as they were. Here are the updated Twitter widgets, bundled together.

Imaginary.Widgets.7z (6.30 kb)

UPDATE June 9, 2010: Incorporated feedback from JP Hellemons to correct an encoding issue in the feed widget.

UPDATE March 11, 2011: Ruslan Tur updated the widgets for BE2.0, you can grab them from here.

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BlogEngine.NET Twitter Feed Widget

by Donovan Olivier May 9, 2010 7:57PM

Continuing on from the Twitter search widget, I also created a feed widget. This lends heavily from the default BlogEngine.NET twitter widget, including Al Bsharah's changes.  The main implementation difference is that I've used .NET's System.ServiceModel.SyndicationFeed object to read the feed data instead of the System.Xml.XmlDocument used in the original.

Imaginary.TwitterFeed.7z (4.17 kb)

UPDATE May 10, 2010: Added relative time setting. Please grab newer version from here.

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BlogEngine.NET Twitter Search Widget

by Donovan Olivier May 5, 2010 7:27PM

I've created a Twitter search widget for BlogEngine.NET. This widget displays the results of a search rather than a specific user's tweets. What you're seeing here on my blog is the widget configured to search for ‘planetdonovan’. It's a bit of a challenge writing code for ASP.NET 2.0 when you've gotten used all the new C# language features, but you can still get everything done.

The source code is available for download here. If you make improvements or have fun using it, please let me know.

Imaginary.TwitterSearch.7z (4.18 kb)

UPDATE May 10, 2010: Added relative time setting. Please grab newer version from here.

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